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The Very Eric Carle exhibit will open on Friday, May 27 

Online tickets are required for all visitors. Capacity is limited and tickets often sell out. Onsite and day-of tickets may be available but are not guaranteed. Mask wearing is optional. 


Port Discovery Children’s Museum at Robinson Nature Center - Spring 2021

The ART in eARTh - this spring at Robinson Nature Center

Robinson Nature Center - Spring 2021Join staff from Port Discovery Children’s Museum at Robinson Nature Center this spring to examine our world through the arts. Use natural objects to create jewelry and unique works of art, create your own web and discover the movements of birds through these fun, interactive programs. Supported by the Howard County Council for the Arts, tickets are first-come, first-served. Online workshops available in the event of COVID-19 closures.

Animal Architects: Cobweb Canvas
May 1, 2:30PM-3:30PM

Port Discovery’s resident showman, Derek Cooper, will be returning Cobweb Canvas from the Animal ARTchitect series. These programs combine visual and performing arts while dramatizing some of nature’s most skilled animal builders. This show is about Rowan, a spider who wants to prove that he can be an artist, not just a builder. Using a combination of theatrical props and art materials, the audience will help create a web art gallery. Create and decorate web sculptures as you learn about the elements of art and the different types of webs found within the natural world.


Nature: Prints, Paintings & Processes
May 8, 2:30PM-3:30PM

Join Visual Artist Beth Yashnyk on an exciting examination of nature and art! From fun scavenger hunts around the Nature Center’s grounds to experimental printmaking and painting projects, explore the many qualities that make natural materials the perfect tools for creating works of art. The world around us is beautiful, so why not use it to create something stunning?!


Environmental Adornments
May 15, 2:30PM-3:30PM

Join Visual Artist Beth Yashnyk on an exciting jewelry-making adventure! Using materials found around Robinson Nature Center, children and families will examine new and exciting ways to turn nature into wearable art! While learning about the natural world around us, Robinson’s guests will learn how to turn everyday objects into functional works of art.

The Bird Talent Show
May 22, 2:30PM-3:30PM

The Bird Talent Show is a new program that will dramatize international birds’ courtship rituals through different performing arts styles. Port Discovery thespian, Derek Cooper, will play several bird performers including a drumming woodpecker, a tap-dancing cordon-bleu finch, and the show's host—Emcee Raven. Audience members will be able to both perform alongside the show characters and transform into bird performers themselves, through the use of costumes, masks, and special props. Learn about bird behavior in an artistic, interactive way with a program that’s part one-man performance, part performing arts workshop, and part talent showcase.

Age Appropriateness: Families with children Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 5

Programming made possible thanks to funding from the Howard County Arts Council through a grant from Howard County Government.

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