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Port Discovery & Guests Bid Farewell to KidWorks January 1, 2019

On January 1, 2019, Port Discovery and guests bid farewell to one of the Museum’s original exhibits, KidWorks.

 For over the last 20 years, KidWorks has encouraged children of all ages to be curious and take risks, while enhancing their social skills, hand-eye coordination and more!


To say goodbye to the three-story climber, Museum guests, members and staff decorated ribbons with goodbye messages and personal memories from KidWorks and tied them onto the climber itself. A portion of KidWorks netting with the decorated ribbons attached will be displayed inside Port Discovery later this year as a permanent keepsake of the beloved climber.

With a farewell came a final slide ride, which was raffled off to Museum guests. The lucky little winner, Webster Gadoury, was so excited to be the final person to slide down KidWorks! As the crowd cheered on from below, Webster broke through the paper banners and was welcomed with confetti, balloons and cheers from all around. Webster was gifted a Last Slide Ride certificate and a commemorative poster of the paper banner he crashed through.

Webster, 3, stands with Mr. Greg at the bottom of KidWorks after the last slide!

After Webster’s last slide, it was time to get messy.

Soccer balls, eggs, lettuce, rubber ducks, water balloons, snowballs and more came zooming down the KidWorks slide as the crowd cheered on from below. The Slide Helpers did a fantastic job assisting in sending the crazy objects down the slide, and the Port Discovery staff had a blast saying goodbye to the climber with the help of guests and members.

Thank you to everyone who adventured through KidWorks over the last 20 years – it's been a blast but it's time to welcome brand new exhibits to Port Discovery! Click here for a video recap of Farewell to KidWorks!

Port Discovery Children’s Museum has begun construction on two new immersive exhibits, the Port Exhibit and the SkyClimber, and Museum improvements including an efficient new lobbynew nursing area, more family seating areas, a renovated lunchroom and updated restrooms. The new exhibits and improvements are designed to improve the visitor experience and fuel play and learning for future generations of children.

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