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Puppet Play Tips for Parents

3 tips about how puppets help children learn 

Why should we celebrate puppets? Not only do puppets spur the imagination of children - and adults - when played with, but little learners are also developing and enhancing essential early childhood skills! 

Check out Port Discovery's three tips on why to add puppetry and puppets into playtime with your kiddo below: 

  1. Puppets Help Adults Communicate With Their Child About Difficult or Different Topics 
    Puppets allow children to feel more comfortable, open, and able to communicate their feelings. Because of that power, puppets are a great tool for parents to utilize to model good and bad behavior and to initiate conversations with your kiddo that may be difficult to have otherwise (like talking about bullying, rules at home and more!)
  2. Puppets Help Advance Your Child's Fine Motor Skills 
    Did you know? Finger and hand puppets are both great toys to introduce to your little learner to help develop and enhance fine and gross motor skills! By making hand and finger puppets move, talk and dance and more, kiddos are not only tapping into their imagination and creativity, they're working on their fine motor skills at the same time. Win-Win!
  3. Puppets Inspire Creativity & Imagination - in both kids, and adults! 
    Does your kiddo love pretend play? Puppets also boost your child's sense of creativity and imagination - allowing them to create elaborate stories and shows involving other toys, naming puppets unique names and to physically manipulate them to mimic life-like movements.
    Adults, you can't deny that once you don a hand puppet that was handed over by your kiddo - your imagination comes alive, too! 

Puppets are a great tool for parents to utlitize in day to play - and you can experience the power of puppets for yourself when you visit Port Discovery Children's Museum inside The Oasis or inside Tot Trails! 


We hope our at-home play ideas have been helpful to you! f you are able, please support Port Discovery Children’s Museum by renewing your membership, purchasing a gift membership for someone, or making a contribution of financial support.

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