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Sensory Play: The 5 Senses of Fall

Is fall your favorite season? The leaves change color, school is back, and fun holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving are approaching! Here are five ways to have fun in the fall — each one appealing to one of the five senses.

Sensory Play: The 5 Senses of Fall Activities for Families

Sight, smell, sound, taste and touch — we all use the five senses everyday to understand the world around us. Here’s a kid-friendly day of exploring each of the five senses!

  • Smell + Taste

It’s a chilly Saturday morning. What would make the day seem warmer? How about some cinnamon toast?

To make cozy cinnamon toast, simply mix some ground cinnamon and white sugar in a bowl, and spread onto buttered toast. Encourage your little one to join you — there’s mixing, spreading, and the sweet aroma of the cinnamon mixture to brighten up the day.

  • Sight

Now that you’re full and awake, it’s time for some coloring!

Notice how the leaves are changing on the trees outside. What color were they in the summer? What color are they now?

Break out the markers, construction paper, and pipe cleaners. Ask your kids to create any kinds of leaves they want — the ones they see outside, or a new species of their invention!

  • Sound

You drew your own leaves, now get outside and see the ones that fell down!

Try stomping on different kinds of leaves on the ground. They make a great crunchy noise! Does a certain color sound the best? What about a particular shape? Is it only leaves that make a crunchy sound, or do sticks work as well?

*Be careful while stomping — not all of nature wants to be stepped on!

  • Touch

Finally, it’s time for the ultimate game of the fall season: jumping into a pile of leaves!

Bring together piles of leaves with a rake (or gather them with your hands, if your kid is too young for a rake just yet). Push them all into the center of the yard, making a big pile. Then move back, take a running start, and jump right in!

Yes, the leaves will scatter everywhere. But your little helper can gather them all back up again — and perhaps jump and spread them again! It’s all part of a great fall day.


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