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Simple New Year's Resolution Ideas for Families

Get inspiration from 8 Family-Friendly New Year's Resolution Ideas! 

Simple & Fun New Year's Resolutions

Hello, new year! We’ve never been quite so excited to enter into a new year, and we bet we’re not alone.

Although the year ahead will certainly have bumps and challenges, it also presents us with hope for happier, less stressful, less impossible times – and, hopefully, (fingers and toes crossed) more quality time together!

If you’re thinking of starting the year by making a resolution or two, you might be interested in getting your kids and family in on the fun as well. After all, resolutions can be great tools for learning about setting goals – and doing the work to achieve them.

Here are a few ideas we’ve thought up for playful and family-friendly resolutions. We’d love to hear what resolutions your family sets out to achieve in 2021!

  1. Explore new playgrounds together. Playgrounds are not only wonderful places for kids to get active (and use up some of their never-ending energy) – they also help children build confidence, connect with other children, grow their social and emotional skills, and increase their self-confidence. Looking for fun new playgrounds to explore? Our friend and fellow mom from Kid Friendly Maryland creates fabulous guides and reviews of the best playgrounds in Maryland! Check out The 20 Absolute Best Playgrounds in Maryland Part I and Part II.
  2. Cook together. Food + Kids can often feel…overwhelming. But, making cooking a family activity can add some fun and silliness to the mix – and help kids build math, science and comprehension skills, engage the senses and more – all while bonding and making memories together.  Want to explore some cooking adventures together? One of the resources we recommend exploring is “I’m the Chef Too!”.  Baltimore blogger & Mom, Kellie (Champange & a Sippy Cup) also has some great kid-friendly recipes and ideas to try. Take a peek!
  3. Host family game nights.  Enjoying game nights together provide opportunities for the whole family to connect and bond – but also to explore interests, practice skills like following rules, and developing social and emotional skills. Games can also help children use their imaginations and creativity. In addition to fun family board games and activities, try encouraging your kids to create their own game for the family to enjoy!
  4. Do something new as a family. Whether it’s going for a weekly walk, visiting a new Museum, going on a camping trip, exploring a new place, or learning something new as a family, the opportunity to plan and do something new together in the year ahead can make for magical memories. And, new adventures can help children learn about themselves – like what they’re interested in and like doing, help them develop an understanding of the world around them, and build important connections to you and their siblings. Local blogger, Mom & former educator Dana (Simple Life of Sunshine) has tons of simple, inexpensive and new activities families can enjoy together!
  5. Create a family reading time. Did you know that even after children learn to read by themselves, it’s important for kids to observe their caregivers reading – and to spend time hearing you read aloud? Family reading time has many benefits – it helps expose children to new vocabulary, encourages children to ask questions about words and topics they don’t understand, helps create good reading habits, and helps family members bond as they learn something new.  Some ideas for getting started with a family reading time include creating a family book club, scheduling regular trips to the library, or enjoying a reading and activity time as a family. Get inspo from local blogger Krystle via her kiddo’s adorable reading nook!
  6. Revisit places from your childhood. Were there places and adventures that you loved as a child? Maybe your little ones will enjoy them, too! Revisiting places from your childhood give you an opportunity to reminisce and reconnect with your inner child – and they give your children an invaluable opportunity to bond, connect with, and learn about you!
  7. Create something together. Setting aside time to create something together can lead to rewarding – and visible – results.  Whether you’re working on the same project as a team or creating side-by-side, the time spent creating something as a family comes along with many benefits, from practicing communication and teamwork to learning how to express emotions. A few things to try include DIY craft projects, creating family artwork, or building a birdhouse.  
  8. Volunteer as a family. Volunteering is a great way to help children learn about the community they live in – and build connections to the people that live in it – and can be a wonderful way to spend time together, too. In addition to helping children learn a sense of responsibility and how they can help make a difference, volunteering can also help children learn about themselves and the types of activities they enjoy.

Even if you choose not to make a resolution (we get it – no one needs another “to do!”), we hope these ideas help provide ways for you and your family to play and learn together!  

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