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Spring Family Fun: Painting With Slinkys!

Enjoy this new spingtacular way of painting! 

Painting with Slinkys

This is a colorful and fun art activity that can be done inside (providing there is enough floor space) or outside (which is probably better because it is MESSY, Fans of Play)! 

How-To Paint with Slinkys:

Step 1.     Cover the floor/ground with a large sheet of paper. If you don’t have one large sheet, several smaller sheets can be used!

Step 2.     Place red, blue, and yellow paints in separate bowls or containers (make sure the bowls are large enough to dip the end of a slinky into them!).

Play Tip: Port Discovery Educators prefer the use of primary colors because of the additional educational experience that comes naturally from watching the colors mix and create the secondary colors (green, orange, purple)! 

Step 3.     Assign each slinky to a different color - if you have one slinky, that’s fine, but the colors will definitely get all mixed up, just be aware!

Step 4.     Dip one edge of the slinky in your paint, and let it drop onto your paper. You can throw, toss, push, pull, and jump your slinky all over the paper to create your very own spring filled painting!

Take these activities with you on-the-go or share with a friend by downloading our free printable!

Enjoy your colorful new artwork and be sure to tag us (@Portdiscovery) in your at-home creations! 


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