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STEM at Home: Bug Bingo!

Let's talk about bugs!

Dog Days of Summer Play Tips

Bugs are everywhere, they can live almost anywhere in the world. There are more than 1.5 million species of named bugs.  

Check out some really cool things that bugs do!

  1. Bugs pollinate flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables helping to grow food for people and animals all over the world. 

  1. Bugs make products that we use like honey, beeswax, silk, and dyes. 

  1. Bugs help in the life cycle of their habitats by eating and breaking down dead plants and organic matter. Turning it into fertilizer for new plants and organisms. 

  1. Bugs are food for animals. For some animals bugs are their primary source of food. We can even eat bugs! 

  1. Some bugs are just really nice to look at and add to the beauty of our world. 

Provided are two Bingo Games for you to play outside. The first one is for bugs found out during the day. These bugs are called diurnal bugs. The second one is for bugs found out during the night. These bugs are called nocturnal bugs!

Time to get bug hunting!

Download the Bug Bingo sheets now

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