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STEM At Home: How-To DIY Cloud In A Bottle

Do you ever wonder what happens when a cloud gets too full? Let's find out! 

How to DIY - Cloud in a Jar Experiment with Port Discovery

Experiment Materials: 

  • Shaving Cream 
  • Blue Food Coloring 
  • Clear Plastic Cup / Glass Jar / Tall Rectangular Clear Plastic Container  
  • Tall Cup (for water) 
  • Straw / Dropper / Pipette 

Experiment Directions: 

Step 1: Fill up your cup with wateradd your blue food coloring and stir.  

Step 2: Fill up your clear plastic cup/jar about 2/3 full of water. 

Step 3Spray the shaving on top of the water in your clear plastic cup / jar, filling up the rest of the clear plastic cup / jar to the top. 

  • Tip: You can even go higher than the edge of the clear plastic cup / jar if you want a large fluffy cloud! 

Step 4: Place your straw vertically in the tall cup containing blue water. Once your straw touches the bottom of the tall cup for a few seconds put the top of thumb over the end of the straw that is in the air. 

Step 5: Carefully without taking your thumb off the top end of the straw. Position the bottom end of the straw above your shaving cream “cloud.” Release your thumb from the top of the straw and let the blue water drip on to the shaving cream. 

  • Tip: If you act quickly you can move the straw in circular motions above the shaving cream as the blue water flows out. 

Step 6: Repeat step 4 and step 5 as many times as you like. Remember to watch the clear water below your shaving cream as you do this. You should start to see it raining down through your cloud!” 

STEM At Home - Cloud in a Bottle Experiment with Port Discovery

Science Behind It: Rain and clouds are part of the water cycle! The water cycle is the endless movement of water on, below, and above the surface of the earth. During this process water can change from a liquid, to a gas, to a solid, and back. There is no real beginning or end to the water cycle.  

Water Cycle Story: We will start with the ocean. The ocean is one large body of water. As the sun heats up the ocean, some of the water at the very top of the ocean gets warm enough, that it turns into water vapor (a gas!) and rises into the sky. The water vapor cools forming clouds. When the clouds get too full with water vapor that is when it rains, snows, or hails depending on how cold it is in the air. Then the cycle starts all over again.  

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