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The A, B, C’s of visiting Port Discovery this Summer

Planning a Science-Focused Vacation for Your Young Child

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Little girl being spun around

Family vacations are a time to relax and connect with your little one. Whether you’re wandering a new city or digging your toes into the sand, vacation is also the perfect time to introduce hands-on scientific exploration to your young child.

Asian Pacific Heritage Day

Join us for a cultural celebration!

Asian Pacific Heritage Day graphic

Juneteenth Celebration

Celebrate Juneteenth with us at Port Discovery!

african american family

Allegis Volunteers at Port Discovery during Global Day of Service

Thank you Allegis for dedicating your time and talents to Port Discovery!

volunteers around table

Port Discovery Children’s Museum Welcomes 5 Millionth Visitor

We proudly welcomed our 5 Millionth visitor today!

Aryan Aravind, 3 ½ years old, of Rockville, MD was warmly greeted with a surprise reception by our educators and staff who celebrated his arrival with loud cheers, bubbles and plenty of high-fives!

Picture of Aryan's mom holding him standing in front of Mr. Greg on stilts and Mr. Derek in a suit and sunglasses.

5 Tips for Helping Your Child Transition to Preschool or Kindergarten

Starting preschool or Kindergarten is an exciting time for both you and your child – but as with any new experience, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Our Education Team has put together some tips to help you transition your child to preschool and Kindergarten so they are excited and ready to learn on their first day of school!

8 Skills To Work On to Prepare Children for Kindergarten

Do you have a child that will enter Kindergarten soon? Wondering what skills they should have before they enter the classroom and how you can help them work on those skills in fun, playful ways?

Check out tips from Port Discovery's Education Team below: 

Benefits of Preschool Programs

Ensuring a child is ready for Kindergarten – and school in general – starts long before Kindergarten registration gets underway.

The earlier your child is immersed in activities and environments that help them learn new skills, develop socially, and think of learning as fun, the more likely they are to have a successful start to Kindergarten.Enrolling children in preschool is a great way to prepare children and ready them for Kindergarten.

Preschool and Kindergarten Registration Checklist

We’ve teamed up with our partners at Baltimore City Public Schools to share tips and resources with you to help you prepare for preschool and kindergarten – including registration.

Here is a handy checklist of items you’ll need to prepare so that you can register your little one for preschool or kindergarten programs with Baltimore City Public Schools:


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