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Tips for Virtual Learning At Home This Fall

Virtual learning is a new and daunting concept to many parents and with it will come a lot of challenges.

Virtual Learning Tips

Port Discovery reached out to teachers to talk about advice and recommendations they have for parents who might be struggling!   

Kelsey, 1st Grade Teacher: The advice I would give would be to keep an open line of communication with your child’s teacher and ask if you are unsure about something. Please also remember that teachers are new to virtual learning so give us sometime to respond.   

Caitlin, Kindergarten Teacher:  I would advise giving children lots of breaks even if that means walking away from the screen for a little. For workspaces keep all the materials needed accessible in one space and with more than one child keep their workspaces separate even if it is only on the other side of the room. We as teachers are leaning as we go its frustrating for everyone and while its hard patience is very important   

In addition to reaching out to teachers here is some advice from our Port Discovery Staff: 

  • Keep moving! Exercise and movement can help your child focus. Make sure when they take their break from virtual learning to have them move around, dance, stretch, and exert energy.  
  • Have fun on screen! Fun backgrounds for video chats are a great way to create a positive mood, be sure to avoid something too distracting.  
  • Be patient with yourself and others. Virtual learning is new for teachers, students, and caretakers. This means that you and others might struggle with keeping children on task and interested in their studies. If you feel overwhelmed please reach out to your child’s teacher, friends, and family for support.  Lastly, our friends from the University of Maryland who you may have seen in the WonderLab in the Oasis on weekends, are now conducting fun research studies online with parents and families! Check out this helping guide courtsey of WonderLab on preparing children for virtual learning here.   

For Fans of Play who might be interested, WonderLab is still conducting studies and while we are still closed, we want to encourage all of our Port Discovery friends to check out this link!


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