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The Unique World Around You

What unique things can you find in the outside world around you?

Be Younique Week Play Tips

A great way to introduce the positivity and uniqueness of differences is to show children variations within nature!  With the spring weather now in full swing, take children outside to explore nature and encourage them to bring home some leaves and flowers found along the way to complete these fun crafts! 

  • Take an outdoor nature walk together and encourage your child to collect different color leaves, pinecones, rocks, flowers - whatever they may naturally come across!

  •  Once you get home, display the different objects out on a table and sort them by color! For even littler learners, drawing colored circles on paper can help younger one can easily match the colors!

  • One all of the items are sorted by colors, ask your child to point out the differences between the objects. Are the objects different sizes? Different textures? Different shapes?  

Tip #2: Use your natural finds to get artsy!

  • Use the multi colored flowers and sticks to paint pictures   

  • Cover the leaves with paper and color with crayons on the paper to demonstrate the different shapes and textures 

  • Allow your child to draw a picture however they would like and then add pieces of the nature items they collected

FREE Download: Nature Game

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