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#WeeklyPlayChallenge - Movement

Join us for our #WeeklyPlayChallenge - Movement edition! 

Health & Wellness Play Tips sponsored by M&T Bank

This is a stressful time for kiddos and parents alike - one great stress reliever? Exercise! Join Port Discovery for our #WeeklyPlayChallenge as we explore different types of movement, exercise ideas and outdoor games to try together! 

Why it Matters to Stay Moving: 

  • Staying active helps promote strong and healthy bodies 

  • Moving regularly can help improve your mood and reduce stress 

  • Everyone could use fun play breaks throughout the day - There’s a reason for recess!  Taking a moment or two to move and play can help you reset and stay focused on your day. 

  • Physical games are great for multiple areas of development - Playing active games teaches us to share, negotiate, try new things, and set goals 

  • These activities encourage outdoor play - Fresh air and sunlight don’t just feel good, they’re good for you.  Get out there and enjoy it! 

Here are some simple (and fun!) ways you can stay active at home: 

  • Go for a walk, run, or bike ride 

  • Play with a jump rope or Hula Hoop.

  • Get creative with some sidewalk chalk - Hopscotch is a classic!  But what else could you do to play with sidewalk chalk?  Try inventing a game or making a larger than life drawing.  Think outside of the box and share your funky creations with us online! 

  • 1 min Dance Break - turn on some music, jam out for 1 min straight, don’t stop! 

  • Learn a New Dance - participate in a Tik Tok challenge, or make up a dance of your own! Don't be scared to share your videos with us @portdiscovery - we'd love to see and share!  

  • 1 min Fitness Break - How many reps can you do in 1 min?  Try this with jumping jacks, pushups, sit ups, and more. Don't be scared to share your videos with us @portdiscovery - we'd love to see and share! For even more fun, challenge your family and friends to try to beat your record!



Ex: Jumping Jacks 

 30 in 1 min  = 30 

Ex: Push Ups

10 in 1 min = 10


Port Discovery Fitness Challenge - complete the following exercises, record your times, and share your status with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@portdiscovery) - we'd love to see and share!  For some healthy competition, and to keep the fun going, challenge your family and friends to see if they can beat your time!



25 Jumping Jacks 


25 Sit Ups 


25 Pushups 


25 Squats 



Ready to take this challenge with you on the go? Check out our free Downloadable Movement Challenege!


We hope our at-home play ideas have been helpful to you! If you are able, please support Port Discovery Children’s Museum by renewing your membership, purchasing a gift membership for someone, or making a contribution of financial support.

Port Discovery's At Home Play Tips & Resources is generously sponsored by M&T Bank

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