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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Chapter 14 Reading Tips

Chapter 14 Reading Tips

Dorothy and her friends are carried to the Emerald City!

Welcome back to Story Time with Port Discovery! We last left our companions ready to make their return journey to the Emerald City. In this chapter, we discover that it’s difficult to find their way back, but they have made plenty of friends along the way to help them out!

Tip #1 - for Grown Ups!

In this chapter, Dorothy uses the Golden Cap to call upon the Winged Monkeys to bring them back to the Emerald City. During the flight, she asks the King to tell her the story of the Golden Cap. This is one of many times we hear a story within a story. The Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion have all shared their backstories, but this is the first time a character who is not among the traveling companions reveals much about their lives, and it is an interesting look into a piece of the history of Oz, and demonstrates actions and consequences.

For this chapter, talk with your kids about how actions have consequences and people’s responsibilities. This can turn into a good conversation about things they are scared of, things you have to talk about frequently, or something your children are curious about. For example, what would happen if we decided to cut in line at a store? Or, how would people feel if we didn’t share our toys when it’s time to play together?

Here’s the vocab for this chapter!

  • Grumble

To complain about something, usually by mumbling

  • Tramping

Walking heavily and noisily

  • Ruby

A precious jewel with a red color

Tip #2 - for Kids!

Welcome back, friends! In Chapter 14 of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends are carried to the Emerald City by the Winged Monkeys, and we hear a story about the Golden Cap!

Your activity for this chapter is a storytelling challenge!

Step 1: Pick your favorite story. It can be a story from a book you like to read before bedtime, a story from one of your favorite movies, a fairy tale - anything you like!

Step 2: Next, pick a character who is not the main character. Maybe you choose one of the Wild Things from Where The Wild Things Are, or maybe you choose Gerald from Pixar’s Finding Dory. It should be someone we don’t know much about!

Step 3: Finally, once you have your character, imagine their story that we don’t hear about and tell it! You can write it down, speak it out loud, act it out, draw it - the possibilities are endless!

Tip #3 - for Everyone!

Now that your story is told, talk with your kids about the actions and consequences in their story! With our Wild Thing example, maybe the Wild Thing decided not to dance at a dance party with

the other Wild Things. How did the others feel about that? There will probably be lots of things to talk about - and feel free to let your conversation change the story, too!


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