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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Chapter 18 Reading Tips

Chapter 18 Reading Tips


Dorothy still wants to get back to Kansas, and decides to go visit Glinda!

Welcome back, friends! We’re moving on to Chapter 18 of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum! In Chapter 17, the Wizard of Oz flew away without Dorothy. In this chapter, we’re going to find out what her next step is to get home!

Tip #1 - for Grown Ups!

Chapter 18 is very much a transitional chapter in our story: the Wizard of Oz is gone, and Dorothy’s calling of the Winged Monkeys to help her didn’t work. Chapter 18 shows us the strength of this group of friends: we see that they have had the strengths they sought all along, and have grown as a group in their collective problem-solving and emotional support.

For this chapter, talk with your child about catching your breath, both literally and figuratively. Sometimes we need to do this when life is busy and stressful. At the time of recording these videos, we are all at home in quarantine. It’s a scary time for all of us. How can we take a breath? What can we do for self-care during this time?

Here’s the vocab for the chapter!

  • Timid

Easily frightened

  • Quadlings

A fictional group of people in the story, who live in the south of Oz

Tip #2 - for Kids!

Welcome back, friends! In Chapter 18, a lot is happening - the Wizard is gone, Dorothy calls the Winged Monkeys again, and the soldier with the green whiskers suggests they go see Glinda. The group of friends is getting ready for their next adventure! But, they haven’t left yet.

For this chapter, our activity is to RELAX! Here are the steps!

Step 1: Lie down on the floor and close your eyes. You can get a pillow if you want, to make sure your head stays comfortable! If you would like, you can turn on some quiet, relaxing music, or just listen to the sound of your breath.

Step 2: Breathe in through your nose counting to 4, and out through your mouth counting to 4. Repeat 5 times.

Step 3: Once you’ve gotten the hang of this breathing cycle, imagine your favorite place in the world. Is it the beach? Maybe your backyard, or a park near your house? Is it your bed? Wherever it is, picture being there with your mind’s eye! What does it sound and smell like? How do you feel being there, and what can you feel with your fingers and toes?

Step 4: Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth again, and spend a few minutes in your favorite place. When you are ready to come back, wiggle your fingers and your toes, and flutter your eyelids open.

Tip #3 - for Everyone!

Kids can do the meditation alone, but doing it with a grown-up is also a great way to bond! However you choose to practice, talk with each other about your favorite place in the world. Is it somewhere you can’t go right now? Talk about how it felt to imagine being there! It might offer some relief; or, it might make us sad. Whatever comes up, have an open discussion about it. What can we do to make ourselves happy today?



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