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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Chapter Five Reading Tips

Chapter Five Reading Tips


We’re moving right along in our reading of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Port Discovery Friends! 

Last time, we left Dorothy and the Scarecrow and Toto in the woods, telling stories. We learned that the Scarecrow was only made the day before Dorothy met him, so he doesn’t have any stories except how he came to be. We learned that he is longing to have brains, but we also realize he wants to have a purpose and be useful.

Tip #1 is for Grown Ups!

In this chapter, we will meet the Tin Woodman, and he will become another one of Dorothy’s companions. After Dorothy and the Scarecrow help him out of his rusty predicament, he joins them on their journey, stating that he will ask Oz to give him a heart. His backstory is lengthier than the Scarecrow’s, and one with a great deal of tragedy. However, we have to employ suspension of disbelief to enjoy the Tin Woodman’s story.

For this week’s chapter, talk to your child about the kinds of characters they like the most. Often, we are attracted to superheroes - their stories are often sad, but they have an inspiring story of overcoming, even if they face other struggles along the way. Why is the Tin Woodman like a superhero? Discuss how he has physically changed in his life (like Spider Man!), but how he has given something up and is on a quest to get it back. What other superheroes can you name that are like the Tin Woodman?

Here is the vocabulary for the chapter!

  • Tin

A kind of metal, usually a silvery color.

  • Enchanted

Placed under a magic spell

  • Axe

A sharp tool with a handle, usually used for chopping wood.

Tip # 2 - For Kids:

In this chapter, we’re going to meet a new traveling companion, the Tin Woodman. After we meet him, Dorothy’s famous group of companions will almost be complete! Yay!

We learn a lot about the Tin Woodman: how he became to be made of tin, and why he prefers to have a heart over brains. He and the Scarecrow disagree with each other, but they agree to work together anyway to make sure they both end up happy!

For this chapter, you’re going to become a leader!

Step 1: Decide what kind of leader you’re going to be! Will you be a mayor, governor, president, school principal, or something else?

Step 2: Name something that’s not making you happy right now, and create an action plan to fix it. As a leader, what would you do?

Step 3: Create your action plan! You can use words, drawings, or even come up with a dramatic play. We would love to see your amazing leadership - send us pictures and videos on what you’re tackling and how you’re going to accomplish it!

Tip #3 - for Everyone!

Once the kids’ action plans for fixing a problem are polished and ready to be put into place, decide which superhero would be the best person for helping you in your leadership role! If you need someone strong to move things, will you choose the Hulk? Maybe your problem requires someone good at inventing engineering technology - should we choose Iron Man? You decide! And remember, YOU’RE a superhero, too!

We can't wait to see you all for the adventures inside Chapter Six!


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