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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Chapter Four Reading Tips

Chapter Four Reading Tips

Tonight, we’re reading Chapter 4 of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Last time we met, Dorothy started her journey to meet the Wizard, and she met Boq and the Scarecrow, who joined her on the journey. We’re going to learn that the Scarecrow was made the day before Dorothy met him, but is feeling very sad about the farmer who made him leaving him alone.

Tip #1 - for Grown Ups:

In this week’s chapter, we hear more about the Scarecrow’s backstory. He was made only the day before Dorothy met him, and quickly expresses his sorrow for the kind of life he was made to live. This is a good opportunity to talk to your children about loneliness. It’s hard for all of us not to feel a little lonely right now - express to them that it’s okay to feel that way, and we’re lucky to live in a time where we have lots of tools to combat this!

Talk through what loneliness feels like with your child, and encourage them to speak up when they’re noticing signs of feeling lonely, such as feeling sad, tired, or missing specific people and experiences. Then, offer for them to call a friend or a family member on the phone or over a video platform to keep in touch.

Here is the vocabulary for the chapter!

  • Reproachfully

A way to describe disapproval or disappointment

  • Deserted

To abandon or leave someone behind

  • Crow

A black bird with a distinctive call (tip: listen to crow calls on YouTube!)

  • Cottage

A small house

Tip #2 - for Kids!

In this chapter, we learn more about where the Scarecrow came from, and his gratitude toward Dorothy for walking by. He’s off to ask the Wizard for some brains!

This week, your activity is to make a scarecrow of your own! Not everyone has access to straw, but you can probably find something in your house that can be used as a different kind of stuffing.

Step 1: Find some clothes you want your scarecrow to wear!

Step 2: Find some stuffing! It can be a bunch of t-shirts or cleaning rags, pillow stuffing, or stuffed animals!

Step 3: Draw your scarecrow’s face on a piece of paper, and stick it to the top of your stuffed shirt with tape, or ask for help using thumb tacks!

Step 4: Send us a picture of your masterpiece! @portdiscovery on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! 

Tip #3 - for Everyone!

Once you have your scarecrow built, talk about how the Scarecrow in Mr. Baum’s story was very lonely. Find a place to set him up so that he or she will be around people and in on the action happening at home!

We hope our at-home play ideas have been helpful to you! f you are able, please support Port Discovery Children’s Museum by renewing your membership, purchasing a gift membership for someone, or making a contribution of financial support.


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