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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Chapter Nine Reading Tips

Chapter Nine Reading Tips

The Tin Woodman makes friends with the Queen of the Field Mice, who helps the group of travelers!

Welcome back to Story Time with Port Discovery! In Chapter Eight, Dorothy and her friends had to make some tough decisions. Though they saved the Scarecrow, the Lion is now in need of some rescuing. Luckily, some new friends come to the rescue!

Tip #1 - for Grown Ups!

In Chapter Nine, Dorothy is carried to safety by her friends the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, and with his best intentions, the Tin Woodman intervenes to save the Queen of the Field Mice from danger. Again, we are seeing that though the Tin Woodman claims he desires a heart, he often acts out of his compassion for others, even if he doesn’t know them.

This week, talk with your child about having compassion for those who need help. Especially in our world today, there are many real-life examples you can point to. Ask your child what they are passionate about. Is it animals? Keeping the earth clean? Whatever it is, come up with ways you can actually help others!

Here’s the vocab for Chapter Nine!

  • Wildcat

A small cat that is found in the wild (not a house cat!) that is usually known for its ferocity

  • Harness

A set of straps and fittings designed to have an animal carry something, like a cart

Tip #2 - for Kids!

In Chapter 9, the Tin Woodman saves the day, and then his newfound friends save the day again! And, in this instance, it’s the Cowardly Lion who needs saving - the biggest among them is saved by the smallest!

This week, design a superhero who is tiny! We all know about Ant-Man, but stretch yourself to come up with something else. You can base it off another small animal, or it can be something else entirely. What about a mouse, like the ones in the story? Or an acorn? Draw your superhero, and see if you have anything around the house so you can wear a costume of that new superhero!

Tip #3 - for Everyone!

Once your child has designed their teeny tiny superhero, talk about how they would help save the day. Then, break it down into things that you can do! If the teeny tiny superhero found a way to clean the oceans in a day, talk about how you can help do your part to keep it clean every day in small ways!


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