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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Chapter Seven Reading Tips

Chapter Seven Reading Tips

Dorothy and her friends use their skills to escape a sticky situation!

Welcome back to Story Time with Port Discovery! This week, Dorothy and her friends are all going to band together to get out of a scary situation. Now that Dorothy has all of her friends with her, they are feeling more confident that they can reach the Emerald City - but they know they have some more challenges to face!

Tip #1 is for Grown Ups!

In this chapter, Dorothy and her friends have to employ their problem-solving skills to escape from dangerous situations. It is here we begin to see that the Scarecrow is good at thinking things through and may not need brains from Oz after all; and that the Tin Woodman is very compassionate, and the Lion shows his courage. This week, talk to your child about problem solving and using your skills to solve problems. This conversation can lead to a great self-confidence boost! Ask your kids what they think they’re good at, and how it can help in solving problems. Are they good at math and numbers? They may be good at helping the Tin Woodman build a big enough raft! Are they creative, and enjoy make-believe games? They may be good at helping the Scarecrow come up with solutions on how to achieve their goals! Come up with some other scenarios in their lives and ask how they would solve different problems.

Here’s the vocab for Chapter 7!

  • Ditch

An open space separating flat land on either side

  • Jagged

Rough, sharp points

  • Kalidahs

Fictional monsters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; they scare the Cowardly Lion, and have tiger heads and bear bodies

  • Raft

A flat structure used to carry things or people across water

  • Industrious

Hard working

Tip #2 is for Kids!

In this chapter, Dorothy’s friends use their different strengths to help themselves get through a scary situation - jumping across a big ditch to the other side, escaping scary beasts of the forest, and figuring out how to cross a river! Each of these situations require transportation.

For this chapter, your activity challenge is to create a magical mode of transportation using things you can find around your house! Use your imagination to think about what your vehicle will need - how will it go on water? Will it have wheels? Can it fly? Once you have an idea, find things such as blankets and pillows, boxes, books, and anything else you are allowed to borrow and build your magical vehicle!

Tip #3 is for Everyone!

Once the kids have built their magical vehicle, play with it together! Grown-ups can give kids scenarios to solve, such as crossing an ocean with sharks, or navigating through a rainforest without damaging computers inside the vehicle. Where will your adventures take you?


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