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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Chapter Six Reading Tips

Chapter Six Reading Tips

Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion, and completes her group of journeying friends!

Welcome back, everyone, to Story Time with Port Discovery! This week, we’re reading Chapter 6 of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Last time, we met the Tin Woodman and heard his story about how he became made of tin, and he joined Dorothy and the Scarecrow to go see Oz! This week, we’ll be meeting the Cowardly Lion!

Tip #1 is for Grown Ups!

In this chapter, Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman walk through the woods, and it’s getting darker and scarier. Suddenly, the Cowardly Lion springs out from the woods and knocks down the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and tries to go after Toto, too. Dorothy stands up to him, at which point he stops his attack.

This week, talk to your child about standing up for themselves. This can be a tricky subject, but it is an important one. Use the Cowardly Lion’s interaction with Dorothy as an example, and ask your child to describe both of their points of view. Why would Dorothy be upset about what the Cowardly Lion did? The Cowardly Lion says that he only struck out because he wants the other animals in the forest to be afraid of him, but instead, he’s really afraid of everyone else. Why do you think he is afraid? What do you like about how Dorothy handled the situation? Would you have let him join your party, too? What else do you think people do that is both good and bad when they are afraid?

Here’s the vocab for Chapter 6: 

  • Heedless

Unguarded and thoughtless

  • Coward

A person who lacks the courage to do dangerous or unpleasant things

  • Claws

Curved, pointed nails on certain animals, such as lions

  • Courage

The ability to do something that is frightening

Tip #2 - for Kids!

This chapter, we meet the Cowardly Lion! Even though he says he is afraid, he still scares Dorothy and her friends. For this week, have some fun with a mirror! Sometimes we pretend to be feeling one way when we really feel another. Try pretending you’re sad, but smile! Then, try pretending you’re happy, and then frown. Does your “sad smile” look the same as a real happy smile, and does your “happy frown” look the same as a real sad frown? See what other funny combinations you can come up with!

Tip #3 - for Everyone!

Once you’ve had some fun playing with your expressions in the mirror, act out together how you think the Cowardly Lion is feeling! One minute he is acting brave, but says he was afraid the whole time, and starts to cry. How can you act that out? Talk about how sometimes we feel lots of things at once - how can we tell?


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