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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Chapter Two Reading Tips

Chapter Two Reading Tips 


We are so excited to continue reading L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Last time, we met Dorothy, Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, and Toto, and the chapter ended with Dorothy and Toto being carried away to a new land and adventure…and we are diving into the more imaginative side of the story!


Tip #1 - for Grown Ups!

In this chapter, Dorothy is faced with the news that she killed the Wicked Witch of the East when her house landed in Oz. She is confused, and feels hurt by this; but she is also conflicted, knowing she helped the Munchkins.

This conflict is at the heart of Dorothy’s character development. And it can be tough to digest! But, talking to your little ones about feeling many things at the same time and being confused by it can turn into a wonderful conversation. Ask them about what Dorothy is going through. How do you think she’s feeling right now? What happened is something she couldn’t control, right? But how do you think she can feel in control now? What is something she can do to feel better?

Here is the list of vocabulary in Chapter 2:

  • Sward

An expanse of short grass

  • Oz

The fictional land in the story, where Dorothy meets the rest of the characters in the book

  • Sorceress

Synonym for witch or wizard

  • Slate

A flat piece of rock used for writing on

Tip #2 - for Kids!

In this chapter, Dorothy is going to meet some very helpful people, called Munchkins, and the Good Witch of the North, who will tell her what she needs to do to get back home. Dorothy is going to face some challenges, as well.

Dorothy makes some new friends, but they’re very different from her. Write a story about meeting an alien and making friends with them! What would you have to explain to them about life where you live? What do you think they would have questions about?

Tip #3 - for Everyone!

Once kids have written their alien stories, read it together! Grown-ups can ask their children about the characters when the story is finished. What do you think would be hard about being an alien? What do you think would be hard about explaining your life to someone from another planet? Do you think your characters would get frustrated? If so, how can they feel better?

We can't wait to see you all for the adventures inside Chapter Three!


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