Learn about Farming, Conservation and Sustainability

Climb aboard a wooden tractor, build push-pull tools based on actual farm tools, and meet some local farmers in the Here We Grow! exhibit.

The Here We Grow! mini-exhibition introduces children and families to the processes, products, and people who work on farms. The mini-exhibition explores farming through themes of science and technology, history, local ecology, global economics, and art. Hands-on activities help children learn about the importance of agriculture in their everyday lives. The mini-exhibition also helps children understand concepts including agricultural conservation and sustainability.

Floor 3
  • toddlers & pre-k
  • ages 5-10
  • parents & caregivers
  • Climb aboard a wooden play tractor. 
  • Build push-pull tools based on actual farm tools!
  • Match Maryland agricultural goods to the counties that prominently produce them in a fun “cornhole” toss game. 
  • Push a button to watch a video where they “meet” a local farmer, quilter and veterinarian and hear their stories. 
  • Spin an hourglass full of grains to learn about how many hours it takes to harvest an acre of food. 
  • Role play in a pretend farmers market and get hands-on as they learn how bees build homes and pollinate plants.
  • Sit within a silo containing an agriculture-themed library for children, parents, and educators.
  • Learn about international agriculture festivals: Jewish Festival of Sukkot, the Korean Festival of Chuseok, and the Nigerian Igbo Tribe’s Festival of Iwa Ji Ofu through animated activities. 
  • Discover the top agricultural exports from Maryland – and learn remarkable facts about each product with interactive flip panels.
  • Learn from five agricultural ambassadors about their roles in the local Maryland agriculture community as they speak on history, technology, global economy, local ecology, and art.
  • Learn about how many hours it takes to harvest an acre of food