Picture of Janina Peck at Port Discovery Children's Museum.

Janina Peck


Play Expert
Port Discovery Children's Museum

Janina greets and enhances guests’ experiences, especially in our Studio Workshop! Janina feels the most at home in Downtown Baltimore. She has her calico cat, Asha that she absolutely loves. Janina also has experience in taking care of several exotic animals like Noodle The Cornsnake, Squish The Dumpy Tree Frog, Geomi The Tarantula, and even Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Ever since they were little, Janina has wanted to teach environmental science or art.  Learning was her favorite, and they would always play teacher with their friends. If Janina were a boat, they would be something that carries lots of people who come and go. She likes to lift people up and inspire them, arriving when they need it most, and departing once they’re ready to be on their own again.