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Learning through Play! 

Experience Moments of Wonder! 

At Port Discovery, we encourage children to ask questions, to try something new, to turn things upside down and inside out. Why? Because when children are playing, they're figuring out how things work. They're figuring out what they're interested in. They're developing an understanding of themselves, of their community, and the world around them. Extra bonus: As children are playing and learning, parents, caregivers and teachers have the chance to watch, learn and be proud of what their children accomplish along the way. Pretty cool! 

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What Children Learn About

Their Interests 

We encourage children to ask questions, make observations, try something new, make believe, experiment, and discover. Why? To help children discover what they are intersted in - and to help fuel a life-long love of learning! 


Their Emotions

We encourage children to make choices and learn about their cause and effect, express themselves, develop control over their own actions and behaviors, and learn new things about themselves. 

Their Community 

We encourage children to learn about the diverse community around them, understand, respect and value others, and engage with their community and people around them.

The World 

We encourage children to interact and play together, communicate with one another, develop and use problem-solving skills, and successfully navigate social situations.

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