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Fun Learning for Kids & Families

The Benefits of Learning through Play! 

What Children Learn About


Port Discovery provides children and families with opportunities to play, learn, and experience moments of wonder together.  A visit to Port Discovery is filled with fun, playful opportunities for children and adults to explore and learn. Visiting the Museum? Expect to children to:

  • Learn About Themselves:  We encourage children to ask questions, make observations, try something new, make believe, experiment, and discover. Why? To help children (and their adults!) discover what they are interested in - and to help fuel a life-long love of learning!
  • Build Connections:  We encourage children to interact and play together, communicate with one another, use-problem solving skills, and successfully navigate social situations. Why? To help children (and their adults!) become socially connected children.
  • Learn about the Community & World Around Them: We encourage children to learn about the diverse community around them, understand, respect and value others, and engage with their community and people around them. Why? To help children (and their adults) better understand the world they are part of.

At Port Discovery, we encourage children to ask questions, to try something new, to turn things upside down and inside out. Why? Because when children are playing, they're figuring out how things work. They're figuring out what they're interested in. They're developing an understanding of themselves, of their community, and the world around them. Extra bonus:  As you spend time playing with your little ones, you're creating bonds and memories that will having a lasting impact! 

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