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Inside PD Presents: Shadow Play: The Fun of Shadow Puppetry

Explore the illuminating ways you can play with shadows inside PD Presents!

New! Shadow Play: The Fun of Shadow Puppetry

Explore five new sections of Shadow Puppetry fun and play inside PD Presents! Explore fun with Shadow Puppets, Shadow Books, Shadow Shapes, Shadow Bodies, and Shadow Movies! 

Shadow Puppets

 Time to get creative! Kiddos can use their fingers to create hand shadows or use felt bracelets provided to make different shadow animals! They are the following:

  • Ocean Scene: featuring ocean animals and mermaid/mermen shadow puppets!
  • Castle Scene: featuring fantasy character shadow puppets (e.g. prince/princesses, dragon, knight, witches, unicorn)
  • Forest Scene: featuring dinosaur shadow puppets!
  • Cityscape Scene: featuring comic book superhero/superheroine character shadow puppets!

*All shadow puppets are loaners and must remain within PD Presents

Shadow Books

Enjoy reading shadow-inspired books! These unique books have “window circles” where you shine a light through them, provided by small flashlights at the opposite end of the table, and the shadow is projected onto the wall. Guests can read the stories, turning each page for different shadow scenes!

Shadow Shapes

Another table will have small shadow puppet screens and lights on the opposite end of the screen. Guests can connect blue, foam pieces with wooden dowels and create different shadow creatures against smaller shadow puppet screens with lights on the opposite side. They can form their own unique shadow puppets themselves!

*Please note: this table contains smaller pieces and any children under 3 should be supervised while playing in this area.*

Shadow Bodies

Step behind our life-size shadow screen and create a life-size shadow using your body!  

Shadow Movies

The Adventures of Prince Achmed is a 1926 German animated film by Lotte Reiniger, created entirely out of photos of paper cutouts pieced together to create an animation! The magic of shadow puppets have been used by people for years and years!

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