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Corporate Sponsorship & Support

Support exhibits, events, and programs at Port Discovery.

Support learning through play while increasing awareness about your brand, product or organization.

Port Discovery Children's Museum provides a number of sponsorship opportunities for your business or corporation. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of children and families in the greater Baltimore area, helping us provide unique, memorable and educational exhibits, events, programs and outreach that children may not otherwise be able to access.

By supporting Port Discovery as a corporate sponsor, you will be recognized in marketing and publicity materials that will increase your visibility and demonstrate your commitment to the Baltimore community.

About Port Discovery Children’s Museum 

Port Discovery Children’s Museum is a non-profit institution that offers children and families essential play and learning opportunities designed to help them learn about themselves, build connections to others, and engage with the world around them. Through experiences offered in our one-of-a-kind interactive exhibits, fun educational experiences, and unique events and programs, we serve hundreds of thousands of visitors in our Museum and through community programs each year. We are ranked among the top 10 Children’s Museums in the United States, and are one of the top four most visited museums in Baltimore, Maryland. 

At Port Discovery, we encourage children to ask questions, to try something new, to turn things upside down and inside out. Why? Because when children are playing, they’re figuring out how things work. They’re figuring out what they’re interested in. They’re developing an understanding of themselves, of their community, and the world around them. As children are playing and learning, parents, caregivers and teachers have the chance to watch, learn, and be proud of what their children accomplish along the way.

Port Discovery Audience and Stats:

  • Port Discovery serves children from birth to age 10 years old. 
  • Visitors come from the Baltimore and Washington D.C.-metro area, including visitors from Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Washington, D.C., Arlington County, Virginia, Central Pennsylvania and beyond. 
  • Port Discovery’s target audience includes Moms on the Move, women, ages 25-54, with kids in the home. This audience is interested in providing a variety of education experiences for their children. When choosing between options, they value variety, engagement and a family friendly atmosphere. 
  • Target audiences also include fathers, grandparents, teachers, and youth leaders looking for educational, family-friendly experiences for their children and students. 
  • 270,000 children and adult caregivers visit Port Discovery Children’s Museum in a typical year.
  • More than 400,000 people visit the website annually, and traffic continues to increase as digital advertising increases. 
  • Port Discovery has an active email program, with more than 20,000 subscribers receiving weekly emails about upcoming in-person and virtual events, Museum happenings, activity ideas, parenting tips and more.
  • Port Discovery has a strong social media following that is steadily growing, with 35,000+ followers on Facebook, 6,900+ followers on Twitter, and 4,500+ followers on Instagram.

Types of Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Port Discovery can provide customized sponsorship opportunities to help meet your goals. Opportunities for sponsorship include:

  • Exhibit Sponsorships, including permanent and limited-time exhibits at Port Discovery 
  • Event Sponsorships, including signature events like our monthly $2 Community Day, Noontime New Years event, Spring Break, Winter Break, Halloween Celebrations and more. 
  • Program & Activity Sponsorships, including programs providing early childhood learning opportunities
  • Access Program Sponsorships, including programs that provide free and significantly reduced cost access to Port Discovery, such as the PlayMakers Access Program, $2 Community Days, Military Access Programs, USO Days, and more. 

For More Information

If you would like your company to become a corporate sponsor, contact Abbi Ludwig, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, at 410.864.2680 or

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