Our World: Worldwide Day of Play

We are so pleased to be partnering with The Association of Children’s Museums and Nickelodeon for this year’s Our World: Worldwide Day of Play, taking place Saturday, September 30! This day is dedicated to experiencing joyful learning through play and focuses on getting kids and their families up, out, and playing around.

On September 30, Port Discovery invites you to play around and join us with a scavenger hunt clues in our giant garden-themed cardboard box maze. Look for clues and painted critters and flowers as you find your way out. Exercise your memory and your body with us as you search and explore!

Tickets are included with the price of admission which is $23.95 for children 1 and up.

The Value Of Play

Play is incredibly important for child development. Through play, children can develop social emotional, motor, language and other skills. Play helps with brain development and lower stress levels. Children’s museums continue to lead in cultivating safe play, as they are designed specifically to allow for free, structured play.

According to the Association of Children’s Museums, these are five crucial benefits of play:

  • Play can help reduce stress by teaching children how to manage big emotions
  • Free play allows children to begin developing agency and self-reliance
  • Gross motor play (climbing, crawling, dancing, movement) helps children develop body awareness and allows them to experiment in safe risk-taking
  • Play helps support learning languages, math and other core educational subjects
  • Play can help children develop social-emotional skills and create bonds between children with their caregivers