Scout Adventures for Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts

Enjoy exciting, educational opportunities exclusively for Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts at Port Discovery Children’s Museum! Book now to receive private museum free play that includes three floors of hands-on exhibits and unique programming and activities designed just for scouts!

Scout Adventures are great for Daisy, Brownie, Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts


Using special gloves, uniquely designed bubble solutions, and a Port Discovery adapted fog blower, scouts will catch fog-filled bubbles and pass them from hand to hand while learning about the surface tension that makes all bubbles round and the iridescence that gives them their beautiful colors.


In this hands-on experience, scouts will explore how forensic chemists solve crimes. Someone has stolen our cookies, and the daring thief left behind a note that read “ Haha! I took the cookies!” By using markers, water filter paper, and chromatography, scouts will use forensic chemistry to figure out which pen wrote the note to solve the mystery.t.


In this program, students will learn how coding and robotics can be used to solve real world problems, and see technology and engineering as something they can do themselves! This program debunks stereotypes, while fostering self-agency and social-emotional learning, and provides endless opportunities for risk taking, problem solving, goal setting, storytelling, and team work

Available Dates

Dates may be subject to change.

  • December 3, 2022 – KIBO Evening Adventure

Prices & Information

Evening Adventures

$35 per person (adult and child).

Overnight Adventures

$50 per person (adult and child)

Age Requirement

Children must be between 5-11 years of age. Evening and Overnight Adventures are for Girl and Boy Scouts only. We’re sorry, but siblings that are not a girl/boy scout are not permitted.


We encourage as much chaperone participation as possible, but we do ask that groups do not include more adults than children.

Features Include
  • Private access to the Museum for Scouts only
  • Exciting programming and adventures led by Port Discovery staff
  • Earn credits towards Girl Scout and Boy Scout badges
  • Discounted parking for groups
  • Free Play in the Museum!


Contact Us

Fill out our information request form or contact Kelly L. Hawkins at 410.864.2726 or by email 


  • What opportunities do you offer for Scout Groups? How do I sign up?

    We offer a variety of different programs and activities for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Our programs provide scouts with access to all three levels of exhibits in the Museum plus an opportunity to gain credit towards various badges. Visit our Scout Adventures webpage to learn more. You can register for these activities by contacting Kelly L. Hawkins at 410.864.2726 or emailing

  • What are your policies regarding Scout Adventures?

    Scout Adventures are for Girl and Boy Scouts only. We’re sorry, but siblings are not allowed unless they are part of the Scout Group registered for the Evening or Overnight Adventure.-.

    Age Requirement: Children must be between the ages of 5 and 11 years of age.

    Chaperones: We encourage as much chaperone participation as possible but we do ask that groups do not include more adults than children.

    Can I add additional children and adults after initial registration? It may be possible to add more children and adults to your registration provided the Evening or Overnight Adventure is not sold out.  All add ons must be made by the Leader in Charge.

    Are refunds provided if a member of my group cannot attend? Once a registration is confirmed, refunds are not granted. If someone in your group cannot attend the program, you may substitute another member of your troop or pack. Adults can be substituted for children and vice versa.