Volunteer at Port Discovery!

Port Discovery is always looking for enthusiastic, motivated individuals to join our volunteer team! We are now accepting applications to volunteer with Port Discovery in a variety of roles. Volunteering at Port Discovery is perfect for people looking for a fun, positive environment where they can help children and families learn through play and have the Best Day Ever!

Opportunities & Information

General Info

  • Port Discovery is seeking volunteers for roles including: Greeters, Exhibit Facilitators, Storytellers, Art Studio Aides, and more!
  • You must be 15 years of age to volunteer independently and must be attending high school if you are under the age of 18.
  • Volunteer positions are unpaid. For paid positions with Port Discovery, check out our Careers & Internships page here.
  • Schedules are flexible, but volunteers must be able to commit to working at least 50 hours with Port Discovery.
  • We love our group & corporate volunteers as well! For more information, email volunteer@portdiscovery.org.

For more information or questions, contact Kathryn Schmitt at kschmitt@portdiscovery.org or 410-864-2722.

For group volunteering, contact volunteer@portdiscovery.org.


Fill out the following form to apply to be a volunteer.


Contact Kathryn Schmitt at kschmitt@portdiscovery.org or 410-864-2722.

For group volunteering, contact volunteer@portdiscovery.org.


  • What are the requirements for volunteering at Port Discovery?

    Volunteers must be 15 years of age to volunteer independently. If under 18 years of age, volunteers must be currently attending high school. Volunteers must be able to commit to working at least 50 hours with Port Discovery. A background check will be conducted. Volunteer candidates will be expected to conduct an interview with Port Discovery, and they will provide one professional reference. Port Discovery reserves the right to terminate a volunteer if museum standards and practices are violated.

  • How do I get to Port Discovery?

    Port Discovery is located at 35 Market Place in Baltimore, Maryland. Volunteers who drive can park in the Port Discovery employee lot located behind the building, using a one-day parking pass issued on each workday. We are also located next to the Shot Tower/Market Place Metro Subway Station if taking the Metro, and the Lombard Street & Market Place and Baltimore Street & President Street stops if taking the MTA Bus.

  • What is the dress code for volunteers at Port Discovery?

    Volunteers must wear a solid-color shirt with jeans or khaki pants. Clothing must be clean and free from rips/tears or designs. Close-toed shoes are also required. When at Port Discovery, volunteers will wear a Port Discovery volunteer apron and name tag over their clothing. Hats are not permitted, with the exception of religious headwear. Shorts are permitted during the summer months as long as they are knee-length or longer.

  • What kind of shifts are available for volunteers?

    Port Discovery offers flexible shifts according to your availability and abilities. Shifts are assigned and organized in varying lengths, depending on needs and interest. Shifts are mostly available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between approximately 10 AM and 4 PM. Some shifts may be available for special events in evenings or on days such as holidays or Spring & Summer Break. You will meet with the Guest Services Manager, during onboarding to establish your desired positions, interests, and availability. Shifts are posted through the scheduling app Sling.

  • What roles could I fulfill as a Port Discovery volunteer?

    Port Discovery volunteers fulfill a variety of roles with the museum. During volunteer onboarding, you will meet with the Guest Services Manager during your volunteer training to establish which roles and departments you are interested in volunteering with. Some examples of volunteer roles include, but are not limited to, Exhibit Attendant, Storyteller, Program Facilitator, Greeter, and Art Studio Aide.

  • Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

    Contact Kathryn Schmitt, Guest Services Manager at Port Discovery, via email or phone. We look forward to having you on the team!

    Kathryn Schmitt
    (410) 864-2722

    For group volunteering, contact Emanuel Figueroa at efigueroa@portdiscovery.org.