A child in an Elmo costume and their adult in front of a sandbox.

Visit Port Discovery for a spooky and kooky Halloween celebration on October 27th from 5 PM-9 PM!

Port Discovery is all about learning through play and one of the best times to play is around Halloween. We are gearing up for a wonderful night full of pumpkin-themed games, ghost stories, a halloween game show and many more! All the activities and crafts were created by our staff and kept you and your little one in mind. Make Rattle Your Bones a safe and fun family tradition to celebrate every year!

Special Event Activities

There is so much to do on this special night. So, make sure to try it all and finish it off with our costume parade!

FrankenSTEAM Laboratory | All Night 

Our Studio Workshop will become a STEAM explorative play space offering different hands-on activities. Includes creature puppet assembly and electricity powered art projects. 

The Bone Bin | All Night 

Our Oasis exhibit will be themed around bones! Learn about this living tissue through a variety of books, games, puzzles, and toys.  

Spooky Maze Adventure | All Night 

Our cardboard maze will feature Halloween themed décor and props. Will you venture through this spooky maze and find all of the hidden items?

Decorate Your Own Mini Pumpkin | All Night

Use special paint pens to decorate your selected mini pumpkin. Pumpkins available while supplies last. 

Special Guest: Face Painter Janelle Jones 

Add a special to you Halloween outfit and get your face painted by local artist Janelle Jones!

Special Guest: Scarecrow Greg May

Our friend Scarecrow Greg will be roaming throughout the museum with circus tricks, magic tricks, and lots of silliness! Watch out! He might even show up ten-feet tall.

Discovery Tales: A BOO-seum Story Time | 5:30 PM

A story time for our younger visitors. Listen to books, play with instruments, and participate in scarf play all themed around friendly ghosts, skeletons, and monsters. 

Hide and Seek with the Headless Horseman | 7:15 PM

Do you think you could beat our playful Headless Horseman puppet in a group game of hide and seek? Test your skills while learning about the classic short story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.   

Bubbles and Broomsticks | 5:30 PM & 7:30 PM 

Seashell the Mermaid becomes the Sea Witch of Port Discovery in this bubble blowing bonanza! Come and pop some bubbles and watch as Seashell performs some bubble magic!   

The Play Fair Game Show | 6 PM & 8 PM 

A family game show where select players will test their skills to win take-home prizes. Multiple choice questions and physical challenges will be about classic Halloween symbols and traditions. 

Costume Parade | 6 & 8 PM

Join museum staff and the event’s featured characters as we travel around the 1st floor on a musical, marching parade led by visiting performer Greg May. 

Summon the Banshee Train: A Sensory Ghost Story | 6:30 PM

A family friendly, interactive ghost story that will engage several of your senses. Based on the book “The Banshee Train” by Odds Bodkin, help act out a chase that will bring forth a ghostly, noisy train.


This event is sponsored in part by PNC Bank and Wegmans