Scoop Up the Fun at Port Discovery's National Ice Cream Day Celebration!

Get ready to chill out and scoop up some fun on July 20th for a delightful, ice cream extravaganza to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. We’ve churned up a day full of sweet, ice cream-themed activities, games, and art projects that will delight kids and parents alike!

But that’s not all! As a special treat, enjoy the celebration with delicious ice cream samples provided by Baltimore in a Box. Ice cream will be available while supplies last, so come early to enjoy this tasty preview!

Mark your calendars and join us at Port Discovery Children’s Museum for an unforgettable celebration of National Ice Cream Day!


Ice Cream Celebration Sneak Peek

Ice Cream Themed Sensory Bin

Dive your hands into this sensory bin, themed around your favorite dessert—ice cream! Join us for a fun and tactile experience where children can explore a sensory bin filled with colorful and textured items that mimic the look and feel of ice cream and its toppings. This hands-on activity is perfect for young children who love to explore and engage their senses through play.


  • Activity: Ice Cream-Themed Sensory Bin Exploration
  • Materials Provided: Various sensory materials such as beads, rice, pom-poms, scoops, and cups
  • Age Group: Suitable for children aged 2 and up
  • Benefits: Enhances sensory development, encourages fine motor skills, and promotes imaginative play.

Come and enjoy a delightful sensory experience with our Ice Cream Sensory Bin, where fun and learning go hand in hand!

Discovery Tales - Ice Cream Themed Edition

Look, listen, and sing! Gather ’round, friends, for a delightful ice cream themed storytime. Join us as we sing songs and read stories all about everyone’s favorite sweet treat—ice cream. This engaging program combines the joy of storytelling with fun songs to create a memorable experience for young ice cream enthusiasts.


  • Activity: Storytelling and Singing Songs About Ice Cream
  • Presented By: Public Programming Team
  • Age Group: Suitable for all ages
  • Benefits: Encourages a love for reading, enhances listening skills, and promotes social interaction through singing and group activities.

Come and join us for a sweet and interactive ice cream themed storytime filled with songs, stories, and fun!

The Play Fair Game Show - Ice Cream Themed Edition

Get ready for an exciting and deliciously fun family game show! The Play Fair Game Show – Ice Cream Edition features multiple-choice questions and carnival-inspired challenges, all themed around ice cream. Select players will have the chance to test their knowledge and skills in a series of entertaining games for the opportunity to win take-home prizes. This program is perfect for families looking to enjoy some friendly competition and ice cream-themed fun together.


  • Activity: Family Game Show with Ice Cream-Themed Challenges and Questions
  • Presented By: Education Programming Team
  • Age Group: Suitable for ages 5 and up
  • Benefits: Promotes teamwork, enhances problem-solving skills, and provides a fun, engaging family activity.

Join us for The Play Fair Game Show – Ice Cream Edition and see if you have what it takes to be an ice cream champion!

Ice Cream Ball Demonstration

Take part in a fun and educational demonstration all about how to make homemade ice cream! Watch as we use an ice cream ball to create this delicious treat, and learn the steps to make your own at home. After the demonstration, you’ll receive a bag with a recipe and all the information you need to try making your very own ice cream at home. This program is perfect for budding chefs and ice cream enthusiasts of all ages.


  • Activity: Homemade Ice Cream Making Demonstration
  • Materials Provided: Ice cream ball, ingredients, and take-home recipe bags
  • Age Group: Suitable for all ages
  • Benefits: Teaches basic cooking skills, encourages hands-on learning, and promotes a fun family activity.

Join us for the Ice Cream Ball Demonstration and discover the joy of making your own ice cream from scratch!

Ice Cream Sundae Bar Painting

Create your very own ice cream painting at our Ice Cream Sundae Bar Painting activity! Using your handprint as the base, you’ll design a delightful ice cream sundae complete with pretend sprinkles and other fun toppings. This hands-on art project is perfect for young artists who love ice cream and want to express their creativity in a sweet and colorful way.


  • Activity: Handprint Ice Cream Sundae Painting
  • Materials Provided: Paint, paper, brushes, and assorted decorative items for sprinkles and toppings
  • Age Group: Suitable for children aged 3 and up
  • Benefits: Encourages creativity, enhances fine motor skills, and provides a fun, sensory art experience.

Come and join us for the Ice Cream Sundae Bar Painting and create a unique piece of art that’s as sweet as your imagination!

Sprinkle Guessing Game - Lucky's Coffee, Ice Cream & Candy

Test your guessing skills with our fun and colorful Sprinkle Guessing Game! Participants will have the chance to guess the number of sprinkles in a jar for a chance to win a sweet prize. This engaging activity is perfect for children and families who enjoy a bit of friendly competition and love ice cream-themed fun.


  • Activity: Guessing the Number of Sprinkles in a Jar
  • Materials Provided: Jar filled with sprinkles, entry slips, and prizes
  • Age Group: Suitable for all ages
  • Benefits: Enhances estimation skills, encourages friendly competition, and provides a fun, interactive experience.

To learn more about Lucky’s Coffee, Ice Cream & Candy:

Join us for the Sprinkle Guessing Game and see if you can make the closest guess to win a delightful prize!

Ice Cream Tasting - Baltimore in a Box

Indulge in a delightful ice cream tasting experience with treats from Baltimore In A Box! Join us for a special tasting event where you can sample a variety of delicious ice cream flavors, each one offering a unique taste of Baltimore. This program is perfect for ice cream lovers of all ages who want to explore and enjoy the rich flavors and local charm of Baltimore’s favorite dessert.


  • Activity: Ice Cream Tasting
  • Presented By: Baltimore In A Box
  • Age Group: Suitable for all ages
  • Benefits: Promotes local businesses, provides a fun and tasty experience, and encourages community engagement.

To learn more about Baltimore In A Box, visit:

Ice cream while supplies last.  

Come and savor the flavors of Baltimore with our Ice Cream Tasting from Baltimore In A Box, and discover your new favorite ice cream!

This special event is sponsored in part by

Baltimore In A Box
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