Celebrate Black culture and excellence on February 17th through interactive experiences, art projects, history and STEM programs. Plus meet our special Baltimore community partners!
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Special Guests & Activities

  • Lightning and Thunder Workshop with LTYC

    Students Foster a community and connection in our bucket drum circle. Drumming, tambourines and the sound of your own voice provide the thunder. And the dancing creates lightning! Join our workshop where beats become a universal language, and every drum-stroke weaves a vibrant tapestry of sound. From traditional rhythms to spontaneous jams, let the drums guide your heartbeat in this communal celebration of music and unity.

  • Coffin & OhYesYo: Yo-Yo Skills (Limited Capacity)

    Explore play and creativity through yo-yo tricks with special guest yo-yo thrower Coffin Nachtmahr of the 2016 documentary Throw. Learn the history and various types of yoyoing, watch a live demonstration, and then practice the basics of modern yo-yo techniques. This workshop will be limited to 20 participants for ages 5 and up.

  • GIRL IN SPACE CLUB: STEMulating Art® (Limited Capacity)

    Our special guest Sabrina Thompson, founder of GIRL IN SPACE CLUB and NASA rocket scientist, will lead a workshop into the intersection of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). In this immersive experience, participants will design their own stylish astronaut kicks, blending the worlds of fashion and space exploration. This workshop will be limited to 15 participants. Recommended ages: 7 and up.

  • Show What You Know Game Show

    Test your knowledge and be a contestant on our game show happening on the museum floor! Match up famous and influential Black celebrities from Baltimore to their contributions for the chance to win take-home prizes.

  • Story Building Cards

    Stop by our Discovery Cart and use story building cards to create original adventures inspired by principles used in Afrofuturism.

  • Discovery Tales

    A short story time that will feature museum staff reading a variety of children’s books. This weekend will feature books about the experiences of Black children, families, and culture.

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