Profile photo of Carter Arnot Polakoff, CEO of Port Discovery

Carter Arnot Polakoff

President & Chief Executive Officer
Port Discovery Children's Museum

Carter can find herself at home anywhere as long as she is with her husband, two sons and dog Hogan (who she’s pretty sure she loves more than he loves her). Carter loves Baltimore because of all the great artists and creatives and all the neighborhood and community spirit that you can find in the city. Her favorite moment from her time at Port Discovery is Rattle Your Bones 2021 because of all the costumes, dancing and fun (just like Rachel!). If she could be any water vessel, Carter would actually choose to be a captain of a boat and plans to be one in her next life. When she was little, she wanted to be a nightly news reporter.


How Carter can help you: Carter is the president of the greatest children’s museum in town! She gets to work with the most amazing team who comes to the museum each day filled with passion and love for those they serve- what a gift!