Kelli Coffman

Senior Vice President of Museum Operations
Port Discovery Children's Museum

Kelli grew up with the best parents and 4 siblings. When Kelli was little, she wanted to grow up to be Michael Keaton’s wife. Instead, she went on to marry the most handsome and funny Pokemon-loving man, Lamar. Together, they raise their feline fur babies, Gracie and Copper Doodles. Despite the fact that Kelli has two cats as pets, she is OBSESSED with pigs. If Kelli could be any water vessel, she would be the piece of wood that Rose pushed Jack off of in Titanic, except she would make room for Jack. Sometimes, it feels like she just survived a disaster, and she makes sure to help others when she does.


How Kelli can help you: Kelli oversees the Operations Department with a focus on exceptional safety strategies, plans for our exhibits and overall sales.