Kofi Jamal Simmons


Museum Safety Manager
Port Discovery Children's Museum

Kofi is a classically trained and self-taught artist, with a focus on cartooning and pop culture illustration. He has  a degree in Animation & Multimedia, which includes traditional and computer animation. He’s trained in various Crisis Intervention and Prevention techniques with over a decade in the field. Outside of work, Kofi creates and sells illustrations and comics. He is affiliated with a cabal of creatives, Art Way Alliance, who provide teaching in the creative arts and sell their wares at various comic book/pop culture conventions. Kofi feels at home whenever or wherever he is creating. When Kofi was young, he wanted to be a Superhero Ninja Robot and Spaceship Pilot. One fun, cool, and very true fact about Kofi is that he’s Batman.

How Kofi can help you: Kofi ensures employees working on the museum floor have everything they need to be successful and guests have a wonderful experience.