Thank You for Powering the Future of Play!

two boys riding on bikes

Last Friday, Port Discovery celebrated with our members, supporters, families, and staff at Play It Forward, our annual fundraiser. This year’s theme, Powering the Future of Play, presented ideas around technology + innovation + fun to explore how we will LEARN and PLAY in the near future. Guests visited the Time Travel Agency, pedal-powered the Rainbow Rider interface, tasted 3-D printed sweets, and danced on the Holo Deck!  


All this future fun was in generous support of Port Discovery’s work as a community resource, an early learning hub, an educational provider, and a safe, fun, creative space for children and families across Maryland. We thank all of the guests and sponsors who donated to Play It Forward, supporting the Museum’s bright future in 2023 and beyond! 


If you want to add your support to the future of play, please donate now so that Port Discovery can continue its mission of providing unique opportunities and high-quality experiences that make play accessible, educational, and fun for all. 

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