It takes all of us to create a safe, smart, and magical place to play and learn! To ensure all visitors have a great and safe experience, we expect our staff, volunteers, visitors, and members to act responsibly and be considerate of others as we share this space. If you need assistance or see something odd, please let our Play Experts know how we can help. Thank you for doing your part to celebrate our community’s diversity and provide a safe environment of inclusion and respect, where all children and the adults in their lives can interact, play, and learn!

Your responsibilities as a guest include:

Health & Safety guidelines:
  • Sick Visitor Policy: Port Discovery Children’s Museum works to provide a safe and healthy environment for all guests. As part of our effort to create this environment, we ask staff and guests to avoid visiting if you or anyone in your party are sick, showing signs of illness, have recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19 like symptoms, or have recently received a positive COVID-19 test result. Please review our Sick Policy.
  • Masks Optional: Effective March 1, 2022, masks will be optional inside of Port Discovery Children’s Museum. Please kindly show respect for the choice of others to mask or not. We are making this transition based on the latest data and research supporting an easing of masking protocols in indoor settings, and in accordance with Baltimore City guidelines. We fully support anyone who chooses to continue to wear a mask going forward
  • Keeping it Clean: We have installed hand sanitizer stations throughout the Museum, including upon entry to the Museum and upon entry/exit to each exhibit. Guests are required to sanitize their hands when entering the Museum, and when entering/exiting each exhibit space. We also ask guests to wash their hands frequently during their visit. Please also use the dirty toy bins throughout the Museum to place dirtied toys.
  • Snacks and drinks other than water are only allowed in The Pier (located on the first floor). Use the provided hand wipes to wipe down surfaces before and after use. Please limit time spent in the Pier to 20 minutes or less to allow other guests to enjoy. Tables cannot be reserved.
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations: Even if you or a family member have received a COVID-19 vaccination, you must continue to follow all of Port Discovery’s safety measures.
  • See something odd? Tell us! Help us ensure you have a great visit. Tell us if you encounter something that needs cleaning up, isn’t working properly, or seems odd. We’re here to help! Comment cards are also available.
We ask everyone to adhere to the following guidelines for playing and learning in the Museum
  • Please, play gently! We encourage visitors to explore, to get hands-on, and to figure out how things work. As you play, keep safety and other visitors in mind. Don’t yank, break or draw on furniture or displays, or climb in unsafe areas. Help us keep the Museum in great shape for the visitors – and years – to come!
  • Adult supervision of all children is required. As you supervise your children, we encourage you to get in on the fun! After all, we’re all kids at heart. Play together, ask your children questions, encourage them, and enjoy making memories together.
  • Shoes required everywhere in the Museum except when using the SkyClimber.
  • If it’s valuable to you, don’t leave it unattended. The Museum is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers are available in The Pier.
  • Tot Trails and Chessie’s Grotto are special places for our youngest visitors. Our youngest guests have priority in these spaces. Please supervise older children and ensure they show respect for little ones. Do not allow older children to engage in rowdy play, running or roughhousing.
Admission Waiver

In consideration of being permitted to enter and to utilize the facilities, services and programs offered by Port Discovery Children’s Museum, ticketholder voluntarily agrees (1) to assume all risks and to accept sole responsibility for any injury to himself/herself, for any loss or damage, and (2) to release Port Discovery Children’s Museum and its employees for any claim or demands on account of any loss or injury, whether caused by the negligence of the Port Discovery or its employees, while Ticketholder is in, upon, or about Port Discovery’s premises or any facilities or equipment therein or participating in any program affiliated with Port Discovery. Ticketholder further agrees to hold harmless Port Discovery Children’s Museum and its employees from any claims based on any actions, omissions, or negligence of Port Discovery in connection with Ticketholder’s activities as described, including any claims relating to any communicable diseases, including COVID-19, as to which risks the Ticketholder acknowledges and voluntarily assumes.

The Museum reserves the right to refuse admission, revoke membership, control occupancy, or eject/remove any person for any reason without refund, including violating the code of conduct or exhibiting unsafe, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior, or behavior likely to cause damage.