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Port Discovery is open for play! Online tickets are required for all visitors and members at this time. On-site ticket availability is extremely limited and not guaranteed. Masks are required for All Visitors 2+ regardless of vaccination status, in accordance with Baltimore City mask mandates. Buy Tickets | Safety Protocols & Important InformationPlan Your Visit | Hours 

Birthday Parties

Port Discovery is Open for Play!


Birthdays at Port Discovery Children's Museum 

Port Discovery Children’s Museum has temporarily suspended in-person parties as we are currently working to reimagine your child’s future birthday filled with moments of wonder! Be on the lookout for what’s to come in 2021! Please be sure to check out some fun at-home birthday ideas below!

At-Home Birthday Party Ideas & Tips!

Parties for PreSchoolers

Host a great party for your three, four, or five year old, featuring some of our favorite activities!

Ready to celebrate your little one’s birthday? Enjoy some of our favorite experiments, art projects, and shows — all easy to put together with household items and a little imagination.

Painting with Slinkys

Slinkys are a favorite with kids (and adults!), and adding paint makes the play even more fun. All you need are some sheets of paper, paints, and a few slinkys. Mix the colors together and get painting!

DIY Hoop Gliders

Upgrade your paper airplanes with hoop gliders! Decorate some paper with markers until it looks like your type of glider. Then tape it onto a straw and throw! Compete to see whose glider flies the farthest, or experiment by using different sizes for hoops and straws.

At-Home Music Time

Join Miss Cailin for music time, featuring your hands, the floor, and your singing voice! Get ready to count and clap along.

A Storytelling Opera-tunity

Miss Cailin is back with a story! Join her to learn about opera, featuring a kid-friendly performance of Romeo and Juliet. Feel free to sing along and prepare for dancing!

Outer Space Themed

3… 2… 1… blast off! Reach for the stars with a space-themed birthday party!

Take your next party out of this world with these fun activities! We’re going to travel across the galaxy, learning about the planets on the way.

How-To DIY: Rocket Building at Home!

First step to exploring the stars: takeoff in a rocketship! Try out two different models. One is made of  balloons, straws, and string, and the other needs vinegar, baking soda, and a water bottle. Both will float! 

How-To DIY STEM at Home: Crater Time!

First stop for your rocket: the moon! Learn about how meteors cause craters on the moon and other planets with this fun experiment. Make sure to have flour, cocoa powder, and plenty of space outside.

At-Home STEM Projects Courtesy of NASA

Now that you’ve landed on the moon, it’s time to make a moon habitat! Learn how astronauts live in another atmosphere. Following NASA’s instructions, create your own moon habitat. Use old newspapers, tape, and staplers, and work together!

Meals from Outer Space

No birthday is complete without a birthday treats. Try out some delicious recipes from NASA! Shape your own asteroids with homemade mashed potatoes — everyone can make their own!

While the asteroids are in the oven, learn about the moon’s phases with Oreos. NASA has a helpful PDF explaining how each phase of the moon looks just like an Oreo. A new moon is just the black sky, so make sure to eat all of the cream filling off your cookie!

Birthday Party Policies


A 50% deposit is required at time of booking and all remaining balances are due one week prior to your scheduled party.


Cancelled parties booked six weeks in advance of scheduled date will receive a 50% refund of their deposit.  Cancelled parties booked less than six weeks forfeit their full deposit.


A rescheduled party must be rebooked within one month and be held within six months of original party date. Please keep in mind that we are currently able to accommodate parties through January 2019.

Inclement Weather

If, due to inclement weather on or around the date of your reserved party, you feel the need to cancel your party, Port Discovery Children's Museum reserves the right to retain your deposit if the Museum is officially open for admission on the day of the scheduled party. In the event Port Discovery Children's Museum is officially closed, we will reschedule your party for a later date.


Decorations are not permissible due to new paint and redesign of the birthday party rooms.

Outside Food & Beverages

Outside food and beverages are allowed. Due to safety purposes, heating equipment is not allowed. We recommend providing a cooler with ice to keep items chilled.

Outside Entertainers

We’re sorry, but outside entertainers and/or performers are not permissible.

Number of Guests

Please note that we require strict adherence to guest capacities. If you are booking a Birthday Bash party package, we can accommodate a total capacity of 20 children maximum (including any additional guests you may add to the party package). If you are booking the Ultimate Birthday Bash or Exclusive Birthday Blowout, we can accommodate a total of up to 50 guests maximum, including any combination of children and adults. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should party guests park?

Your guests are encouraged to park at the Harbor Park Garage, located at 55 Market Place, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202. We offer discounted parking for your party guests at this location only.

Are the birthday child and their family included in the total guest count?

Yes. Each and every guest, including your birthday child, their siblings, and parents, are included in the total number of guests for a party.

Are food and beverages included in party package prices?

We are able to offer complimentary pizza and beverages for children only as part of the Birthday Bash package. We are sorry, but we are not able to offer complimentary food as part of the Exclusive Blowout Bash Package. You are welcome to bring outside food and beverages into the Museum.

Do you provide additional time for setup and/or breakdown of the party room?

We’re sorry, but we are unable to provide additional time for setup and/or breakdown. However, our Party Pals are available to help you with setup, breakdown, and any other party needs, and will do their very best to ensure you are able to make the most of your time in your private party room.

Do you have a space to store our items if we arrive early and/or would like to stay after our party ends?

Yes! We’re happy to provide storage for party items so that you can enjoy time in the Museum before and/or after your party. Valuables should be stored separately in our lockers located near the entrance of the Museum.

Can we go anywhere in the Museum on the day of our party?

Absolutely! All day access to Port Discovery Children’s Museum is included with all packages. We hope all of your guests enjoy time in the Museum before, during and after your party!

Do you offer parties during weekdays?

We’re sorry, but we are unable to parties on weekdays at this time. However, we have a variety of options on weekends to meet your scheduling and party needs

Do Port Discovery members receive discounts on party packages?

Yes! As a benefit (and sincere thanks!) for being a Port Discovery Member, current members will receive 10% off the base cost of the party package they book with us.

Are we allowed to play music during our party?

Yes, however, we kindly ask that you play music that is appropriate for children.

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