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Port Discovery is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays. We are operating at less than 25% capacity and have made a variety of other updates to provide you with a safe, fun experience. Plan Your Visit and Purchase Tickets Today! 

Content geared towards family visitors

At Home Theater Level 3: Puppet Making

Puppets are a great tool to help children use their imagination, convey emotions, and develop fine motor skills! At Home Play Tips - Theater - Sponsored by M&T Bank

Movement Fun Activities for Families

Get up and moving together while still having a ton of fun with kid-approved activities! 

Health & Wellness Play Tips

Activity 1: Bucket Tumble! OR Box Tumble!

Set-up Location: Good for both indoors and outdoors!

What’s Needed:

A Kids' Guide: Exploring Your Emotions Through Colors

Easy Activites for Kids to Express and Explore Their Emotions

Health & Wellness Play Tips

Colors Can Show Feelings, Too! Here are some tips for encouraging your little ones to explore and express their emotions with colors!

Reader Pan and Tinker Spell’s Early Literacy Activities

Did you know that early literacy starts with actions as basic as knowing how to hold a book?

Early Literacy Play Tips: Phonological Awareness

STEM At Home: How-To DIY Hoop Gliders!

Follow along to create a simple DIY Hoop Glider! Don't forget to check out the free download with the Hoop Glider template, activity ideas and more! 

STEM At Home

STEM At Home: How-To DIY Science In A Bottle!

Three Science Experiments, All The Chemical Reactions - One Bottle! Follow along for simple science experiments you can do right at home with your child!
STEM At Home

STEM At Home: Beginner Science Vocabulary for Kids

Science Vocabulary for Kids and Parents with FREE PDF Download! 

STEM At Home

Hi From the Sky: Meet Nimbus

Talking about - and recognizing - your personal emotions and feelings is so important!

Join Mr. Derek and his new friend Nimbus for a new series, Hi from the Sky! featuring a cloud, Nimbus, talking about social-emotional wellness for children at home during this time.

Early Literacy Play Tips: Listening Comprehension

Early literacy is what children need to learn about reading and writing before they actually begin to read and write.

Early Literacy Play Tips: Print Awareness!

Early literacy is what children need to learn about reading and writing before they actually begin to read and write. Developing specific skills through fun activities help prepare children to become strong, successful readers in their future. 


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