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The Very Eric Carle exhibit will open on Friday, May 27 

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Tiny's Diner

Pretend to cook, serve food, eat, and more in this 50's-style diner

Tiny’s Diner

Pretend play rules supreme in Tiny’s Diner, a 50’s-style diner that’s filled with imaginative fun. Watch as little learners play together and prepare pretend meals, take turns operating the cash register, serve up food and drinks, and clean up! While you wait for your very creative meals (and bills), you’ll see children’s brains at work as they figure out how to play and work together. 

What You'll Do & Learn

What You'll Do: 

  • Explore a 50's themed diner
  • Role-play as the customer, wait staff, cashier, cook, and more. 
  • Work together to cook pretend meals, serve customers, and clean-up. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving

Play Tips:

Play Tips:

  • Recommended for ages two and up.
  • Parents and caregivers are encouraged to play along and get in on the fun!
  • Ask children about the many jobs that make a diner operate. How does food get ordered? How do meals get cooked? Who cleans up?
  • Encourage children to try out the many roles, use their creativity, and collaborate with others.
  • Role play alongside your child. Order silly things. Eat a pretend meal. Try to pay your pretend bill.
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